Photos 2006

2006 Bear Stage Project

Date: 07/15/06

The view from the south showing the prostrate Bear.

From the west.

From the north. Note the soil and the sod.

Twenty five years have taken their toll on The Bear. Will he rise again?

In Memoriam : Fred Kedney 1916-2006

Date: 05/01/06

From his obituary. As an avid social and recreational folk dancer Fred was an iconic figure in the local [folk] dance communities.

Morris dancers including members of the Bells of the North and MTM visited with, and danced and sang for Fred on May 1st. He will be missed.

May Day Powderhorn July 4th

Date: 07/15/06

LRT Dance Out with Ramsey's Braggarts

Date: 07/15/06

New rule:

Sleeveless shirts are allowed IF you have an MTM logo tattoo.

Bill & Larry heading home as shot by a Transit cop. Better than getting tazed!

Manliness defined!

Somebody give him a Marlboro.

Looking for that moment of airborne synchronicity at the Fort Snelling Club.

Still looking, And this was at the beginning of the night!

The beer was under arrest34 and behind the geraniums.

The bonfire of Christmas trees.

Nearly 60 dancers form the circle for the May Day sunrise Abram's.

THE most blessed tree in the good ol US of A.

Massed Waltzing Matilda.

We went to a fight and a Morris dance broke out.

Dancing Longborough at the Perpich Center.

The Bells of the North.

At the Powderhorn Park May Festival.

With no camera at the Edina Parade this was the best I could do.

Shannon gets into her music.

At The Cardinal where it's a good idea to dance with sticks34and walk with Sem, and sit with Sem on your lap, and...

Tim draws the short straw and bravely sacrifices himself for the team.

For a time E Block was a safer place to be34as soon as we left..

Bryan dances Brackley Princess Royal, or was he on the way to the loo?

Stan can hold his liquor!

See? The Braggarts WERE there!

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