Photos 2005

Midwest Morris Ale

Date: 05/28/05

Josh, Temple, Stan, and Ed get it together.

Standing, Clapping Coo-Coos.

Moving, Flapping Coo-Coos.

MTM's own Fiddle God, Gary Schulte.

Maven of the melodeon, Shannon Russell.

Josh (hair), Temple, Art and Paul.

Rick Nagler snaps a few.

MTM performs Ilmington Coo-Coos' Nest.

Uptown On Calhoun claims the U.P.

Suzy and some photogenic customer other than Josh & Liz.

A Squall and Ship on Lake Huron. (I took this while driving.)

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge. (Did I mention I got a ticket in the U.P.?)

Massed in Port Huron. Traffic on the bridge was fleeing to Canada.

Up Your Matilda.

More Matilda.

Guerrilla Morris at

Suzy's Pasties in St Ignace.

Send us your poor, your tired, your Morris.

He WAS seeking asylum. Then he saw the inmates had taken over.

Prairie Waves.

Helping a Wave

Across Abram's Circle .

It's a big circle!

Don't tell me, I'll think of their team name.

OK! OK Tell me already!

Off to California. That's Rick behind the post...and in the ceiling.

Some guys are dancing3˜4

With the newly fertilized Maggie & Dorian.

Summer Solstice Dance Out

Date: 06/21/05

...and some guys are watching.

At least one is fiddling around.

Starting off with the Moresque. Bill is actually in step at this point.

Leif defends himself from Arthur in Constant Billy.

You can't knock this performance of Postman's Knock.

Singing the Knock!

Rigs of Marlow looking good!

Running the capstan around in South Australia.

Camp Snoopy Premiere

Date: 06/26/05

Maggie & Dorian's circle.

The Circle revolves...

Our work here is done.

The view from the stage.

The Crosby Lake Clatters and Gary.

Arthur by any other name is still Derek.

Matilda in motion. Watch the bouncing stick.

Clatterers in step...

...and in line. Wish we could do that!

Camp Snoopy3€4Gig #3

Date: 07/29/05

Clatter'n style.

I could watch them all night . Especially the cute one in the black pants.

Their night only got stranger from here.

Air Braggart 2.

At the Santa Fe Bar & Grill.

Air Braggart 1.

Horse meet Hobby!

We're ready!

Quick ! Quick! Get On!

The Saucy Hiawatha.

A trip along the line will really please her fancy.

Which leg were we supposed to cross again?

Edina Independence Day Parade

Date: 07/04/05

Say Hankie!

Look at the Full Size Image to see the ghosts of Flying Braggarts Past.

MTM sticking at the Cardinal bar. Is this a trend?

Braggarts sticking at the Fort Snelling Club.

Gibson is in SO much trouble when Ed sees this!

It's a trend. The photographer was only taking sticking shots.

So, get a look at Molly.

Do you understand, now?

Glorishears for Molly.

Still dancing for Molly.

Shannon plays on while the rest of us are confused.

Keeping up with Gary - barely!

Flying Winster Processional.

Kirk horses around for the crowd.

Gibson shows his colors!

LRT Dance Out with Ramsey's Braggarts

Date: 06/21/05

Bill with Beth and Laura. Wonder why she's called Lola? Hmmm?

Gibson teaches Paula the Tango.

Morgan Creek Wine Tasting and Tours

Date: 07/16/05

Sticking to Waltzing Matilda.

Glad that's over with. Give the cord wood back to Stan now, Josh.

Our hosts, Paula & George Marti.

Taking a break in the Green Room. Of course everything is green...

Isn't this beautiful? The scenery ain't bad either.

Can't remember the dance but Arthur is calling so it's a


Larry rests after a long day of dancing and discourse3˜4 and discourse3˜4 and, well, you get the idea.

Molly breathes fire3€4almost. Sorry Molly. I tried!

Adam Marti with his son, and our youngest fan, Griffin.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Date: 07/16/05

Six with stix!

Getting off with Bonnie Green!. Well, somebody has to!

Hay Quaker!

Will they remember to miss?

You take the high road and we'll go sit down over here!

Can we ever see too many pictures of Gary? I don't think so!

Gotta be something Long Borough. I'm thinking Trunkles.

I don't do Long Borough Sècause this wind-up is a bitch. Can I say that?


MONK'S. Makes sense. The monks are always after the lads.






Belles, Clatterers, Uptown all on a Labor Day weekend.



We sing as well as dance.

Yep! We're that bad at singing, too!

Enough of these damn Morris people. Let's look a something beautiful for once.

OH! OK!! Back to the Morris.

No, Bill's not sulking AGAIN! He's throwing his weight around constructively! As in packing mud on the Bear after a soaking rain.

The Green Man doing what he loves best, drinking and getting his picture taken. Not necessarily in that order.

Aunt Silly

...errrr I mean


Before and after. Before 20 and after 50 that is. Now you know why Justin had the groupies - to protect his wee self!

This is supposed to show people having fun around the campfire. Looks more like they're staring at the ash hole. No, not me! I said ASH hole!

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